5 great activities for the best family photographs!


You can get the best photographs of children when they are absorbed in an activity. They are more likely to stay in one place so you can really take your time and get some great shots, as well as documenting familiar activities that will really bring back memories when your children are older.

In no particular order here is a list of 5 things that I liked to do with my children when they were younger, as well as top tips for getting the best family portrait with each activity:

1.       Baking


Baking is a lovely and classic activity for parents and children. What’s more, giving children confidence at preparing and making their own food is a vital life skill, and my own children have so many happy memories of cooking together.

It’s also really photogenic!

Children become totally absorbed in the activity and you can get lots of photographs with real and natural expressions. Details such as little hands covered in flour tell a story as much as the regular shots too, and iced cakes and sprinkles are pretty additions to the pictures…

Top tip. Make sure you have as many bowls and spoons as there are children working to avoid turn-taking and quibbles.

childrens' photography london-1267-2.jpg

2. Reading

I use books a lot in my family portrait shoots. It is the perfect way to change the mood from active to mellow, and there aren’t many children that don’t love the offer of being read a story… Even this baby loves being shown a picture book by her big sister… This is the kind of image that these siblings will treasure when they are adults.

Top tip - make sure they hold the book low to avoid faces being obscured, and get them to look up now and then.

newborn photography london--17.jpg

3. Bubbles

When everyone is fed up of the pictures break out the bubbles! It is an instant way to lift everyone’s mood. I find even the parents get into making and chasing bubbles, and it is a lovely memory of childhood too. Here you will really get smiles, concentration and natural expressions.

Top tip - set your shutter speed high to freeze movement as the children run after the bubbles.

best childrens-photography-london-.jpg

4. Running

I love running photographs of children. They look so carefree. It is hard not to smile every time you see the photos. It’s also a great way to give context by including the background.

Top tip - get down low, and overshoot as lots will be out of focus. Luckily children will play running games indefinitely….

best childrens-photography-london2-1.jpg

5. Hide and Seek

This is another absolute favourite game for children. (Parents not so much perhaps!) But it’s great for getting fantastic family photographs. It is infinitely adaptable as the children grow. So babies love the moment when a hidden person jumps into view. You can get someone to hide behind you and spring out to get real belly laughs. Then older children like to play peek a boo where they are in control of when they appear, and for older children still full on hide and seek which will keep them happy for hours!

Top tip - a tree to hide behind makes a great addition to the photograph.


I hope you find these useful. Would love to see your family photographs using these tips. Follow and share on Instagram to get more photography tips.