Underwater family photography in London

Underwater family photos are magical and beautiful. They embody my two passions - swimming and art - and the freedom of movement in the pool is matched by the creative freedom of this kind of photography. Colours and textures run riot in a different medium, and ripples, patterns of sunlight, bubbles and blurs only add to the atmosphere and beauty.

I love that I can now offer these photos to my family clients who have access to pools this summer.

There are portfolios of underwater photographs in this gallery and some examples below of family photos in the pool:


In this photo, the bubbles and the ripples are enhanced by effect of movement brought about by the slow shutter speed. Underwater photography lends itself to this kind of creativity. For families that really want something different for their family photos this is the perfect solution.


Amazing patterns of bubbles in this photo - a really different kind of portrait to the usual ones you can get…


I love the strange feel of these underwater photographs.

This shot was taken while working with International Swimming Academy - a swim school in London. The little girl is wearing a dress to practice a drill. With the amazing water clarity and her calm expression it looks as if she is floating in space.


Goldfinch Photography combines art and underwater photography for unique portraits. Why not include an underwater shoot as part of your family photos this year?