How long does the portrait session last?

We don’t limit the time for your family portrait shoot, so there is no pressure. Usually a good rule of thumb is 2 hours for a family of four, and a little more if there are more children or adults to be photographed. Allow more time if there is a baby or young child who might need a nap or a feed. Newborn sessions usually take around 3 hours.

We usually recommend starting in the morning as that is when the children (and adults) are more likely to be fully rested.

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How will you get the children to co-operate?

Our shoots are very child-led and all of our photographers are very experienced at working with children.

The photo session is all about having fun together as a family, and you will soon find that you are having a good time and forgetting that you are being photographed. If the parents are happy, the children generally will be too.

In our preparation for the shoot consultation we will give you lots of tips about how to keep everyone happy, and even if things do go pear-shaped for a while, don’t panic as it is easily dealt with and the session moves on. (Most of our photographers are parents and know exactly where you are coming from.)

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We are not sure whether we will feel comfortable posing for the photographs?

Our photographers have all had many years experience of photographing children and families, and will guide you and your family through the shoot, making sure that you are lit and posed in ways that make you look your best. You will be given small amounts of direction, much of which involves finding great games for you to play with your children.

It is very common for people to say to us ‘I don’t like any photos of myself, except for the ones where I didn’t know that the photograph was being taken’! That is our philosophy too, and we aim for natural portraits of parents and children interacting with the camera forgotten.

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Can our family pets be in the shoot?

Of course. It wouldn’t be a true family album without photographs of the animal members of the household. All we require is that you tell us in advance what pets you hope to include to allow for effective planning of the shoot.


Our toddler has a scrape on their face and the baby has just come out in the usual newborn rash. Will it show in the portraits?

Small and medium temporary issues like bruises or spots will be retouched as part of the standard editing for photographs in the albums and prints. For larger issues please discuss with us in advance of the session, but it’s unlikely to be a problem.

Can we buy frames, prints or digital files as well as our album?

Yes, we offer prints at custom sizes, and can source large prints from professional labs to make sure you get gallery quality prints. We find that many people want to choose their own frames to match their decor and we can recommend framers who are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen who can provide a wide range of frames.

Digital files are included with purchases over a certain amount, and individual files are also offered for sale after album purchases.